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We have successfully served the following industries.

Accounting, Administration &  Advertising 

The above industries comprise corporate marketers, chartered accountants (ACA & FCA), financial controllers, auditors, bookkeepers, budget analysts, credit controllers, financial administrators, Payroll accountants, tax managers, treasury managers, Office assistant, chief operating officers, chief office administrators, administrative managers, project managers, executive assistants, content writers, producer, journalist, etc.

Banking & Financial Services

Branch managers, operations managers, credit and risk analysts, economists, financial analysts, director of finance, relationship executive, business development, underwriters, retail banker, loan processors, transaction officers, fund transfer and tellers, cash officers, etc.

Education, Customer Service & Community service (NGO

Customer service officers, call center agents, client relationship managers, help desk managers, team leaders, teachers, principals, lecturer (1,2 &3), principal lecturer, chief principal lecturers, professors, caregivers, child care support, church custodians, community outreach coordinators, daycare workers, social workers, program managers, counselor, M&E officers, and technical officer

Consulting and Strategy

Product managers, business advisors, business development specialists, compliance managers, business intelligence developers, engineering consultants, market research analysts, administrative consultants, security consultants, senior product managers, strategy managers, event consulting, technical advisors and program managers, policy analysts, and many more.


Maintenance engineers, technicians, electrical engineers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, site mechanical and project engineers, environmental engineers, graduate engineer trainees, electrical project engineers, petroleum engineers, pipeline engineers, welding engineers, and many more. 


Board members, business administrators, business operations managers, CEOs, CFOs, chief investment officers, COOs, directors of engineering, executive directors, general managers, vice presidents, presidents, directors of marketing, managing directors, and many more.

Agriculture, Healthcare & Medical fields

Farm managers, veterinarians, environmental specialists, medical doctors, registered nurses and midwives (RN & RM), care providers, chief medical officers, psychologists, clinical researchers, dentists, physicians, gynecologists, health educators, house officers, medical officers, neurologists, nutritionists, pharmaceutical sales representatives, pharmacists, physiotherapists, etc. 

Hospitality and Tourism & Human Resources

Hotel managers, hotel administrators, general hotel managers, catering managers, restaurants and cafe managers, food safety, food technicians, travel agency managers, event management, human resources managers, recruiters, senior HRs, hiring managers, HR business partners, management trainees, HR directors, and many more.

Information Technology, Insurance & Legal

Application developers, data analysts, business system analysts, network engineers, software and hardware engineers, computer programmers, security engineers, cloud engineers, front end and stack developers, IT administrators, IT project managers, java developers, NOC engineers, sales application engineers, security administrators, technical managers, web developers, insurance claims examiners, insurance agents, field inspectors, life insurance agents, legal officers, attonerys, arbitrators, lawyers, real estate lawyers, paralegals, legal advisor, and many more.

Logistics, Supply chain, Procurement & Marketing

Transport managers, warehouse/store managers, inventory managers, fleet managers, factory managers, logistics managers, procurement specialists, transport officers, production supervisors, QA/QC analysts, quality inspectors, supply chain managers, marketing executives, brand managers, corporate marketers, communications managers, content creators, digital marketers, presenters, events promoters, public relation officers, area and regional sales managers, many more.

Sales, Sports, Real estate, & others

Sales managers (area and regional), sports coach, business development, accounts managers, bid managers, property maintenance officers, real estate agents, estate managers, building developers, facilities directors, leasing managers, realtors, senior sales executives, director of sales, etc.

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