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Get HIRED/EMPLOYED, interview, and stay connected with HR/Recruiters via LinkedIn at ease. LinkedIn is the new world where you can get found by employers without much stress. Let's help fix your LinkedIn profile so you can start applying for jobs, receive job updates (Nigeria or overseas), and get interview invites. If you optimize your Linkedin profile, this is the type of message you may likely receive from the HR/Recruiter during the recruitment processes.


"Good morning Dear Adebayo,


I found your profile interesting, and I decided to reach out to you. I am currently recruiting for the position of "Finance manager" if interested, kindly email us your Cv to


The purpose of HR reaching out to you via your Dm is to reduce the recruitment stress, cost, and procedures. Besides, it's to reduce the total number of applicants applying for one particular post.


Here is what you need to know about LinkedIn below;


1. LinkedIn is the #1 job platform and source to find great applicants to fill a job or vacant position.


2. Over 122 million people's have gotten interviews through LinkedIn.


3. According to research, 35 million job seekers were hired through LinkedIn connection.


4. It's an avenue for Headhunters/HR/Recruiters to source for talents who may be interested in occupying a vacant position in their organization.


5. 90% of recruiters regularly scout/check LinkedIn in search of potential applicants.


6. Through LinkedIn, you can receive job updates and apply for jobs in Nigeria or any part of the world without restrictions or limitations.


7. LinkedIn has turned the job market upside down, Recruiters no longer hold all the powers, but job seekers do. What does that mean?? "It means Recruiters are now doing all the chasing, while job seekers sit back and let the opportunities come to their inbox.

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