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School in UK, USA, & CANADA

Top Up Degree

This program is designed for those who already possess a Higher National Diploma but want to proceed to obtain a BSC without having to do a Direct Entry. The program is a 1-year course.


The program is designed for those who want to proceed to further their education after earning a master's degree in their respective field. Program duration is 2-3 years depending on the school.

Bachelor of Science

The program is specifically designed for those who have SSCE and want to proceed to obtaining a bachelor's degree. Those with ND or NSC can also participate in studying for a bachelor abroad.

Integrated Masters

An integrated master's degree is a program that combines both undergraduate and postgraduate studies into a single, streamlined course. The program last up to 4-5 years depending on the school and course.

Master of Science

The master's degree can be in MSC, M.Ed., or M.A., depending on your interest. Those who have a PGD or BSC can participate in this program, and the duration is within 1-2 years, depending on the school.


This is for those seeking practical skills and job-specific training in a shorter timeframe compared to a bachelor's degree. It lasts for 2 years and 3 years for an advanced diploma.


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