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Leading CV Writing company with a specialty crafting CVs/Resumes that landed +85% clients diverse jobs in the UK, USA, Dubai, Qatar, Nigeria, Canada, Singapore, etc. We have served several SSA/SA to Governors, Speakers at the Federal and State Levels, Executives, CEOs, Country Directors, and Nigeria Ambassador Georgia, among others. 

We have delivered over 15K CVs, with +85% securing jobs across diverse countries, executed +5K SOPs/LOE, with 90% success rate securing admissions, and optimized +10K LinkedIn Profile with +55% landing jobs on LinkedIn, locally and internationally. 

Our Services

We offer various professional services that suit your want and standard requirements (UK, US, Canada, Singapore, etc).

Our Services



We write Keyword-optimized CVs/Resumes that comply with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to beat job requirements in the UK, USA, Dubai, Canada,  Singapore, Australia, Nigeria, etc. We project our clients as an achiever and not a Doer.



Our cover letter isn't just a letter but a marketing tool that convinces the hiring manager why our clients are the best applicants, among others. We write cover letters to sell our client, highlighting their skills, track record, and contribution to growth. 

Linkedin Optimization

Our LinkedIn profile revamp has landed jobs for over 55% of clients globally after their profiles ranked top among others. We sell our clients on the LinkedIn platform by telling their stories, motivations, and achievements to recruiters



Our interview prep has been helpful to 10K global clients, acing interview stage at ease. Our prep puts you through how to negotiate salary, answer interview questions by infusing keywords, etc.



We have written a company's CV that highlights their strengths and introduces their products and services, emphasizing why our clients are unique among others.



If you want to study abroad, then you need a personal statement to share a little about who you are and what made you fit for the program.


You did an excellent job. You’ve brought back the passion in my career that i have been struggling to ignite.

Awosu Ikechukwu

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Ready to find out more?

Are you interested in any of our above-mentioned services? Do not hesitate to contact us via our channels. We will be willing to help solve your problems. 

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